Kitchen Sink Sticker Pack (19 piece)

Kitchen Sink Sticker Pack (19 piece)


This sticker pack is literally everything besides the kitchen sink. Now you never have to choose which sticker you want, you can have it all! Get all 19 of our sticker designs in one ridiculous pack. Let everyone know how you feel about the patriarchy, gender roles, personal identity and the LGBTQ community. If someone sees all of these stickers adorning your laptop or car, you're guaranteed to make friends -- so be warned.

All stickers are vinyl. Gender Roles Are Dead (both versions), Work Hard FVCK Harder, Wish You Were Queer, Cheer Queers, They as in Singular and 100% Binary Free are all 2"x3". Patriarchy Shmatriarchy is 3". Lady Gay is 2.5". Don't be Bitter be Better and Work Hard FVCK Harder version 2 are 2.5"x2.5" Transcend and Gal Pals are 1.5"x3". And the Peacock sticker is 1.5".

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