Pronoun Hoodie

Pronoun Hoodie


Pronouns are important.

These Pink Next Level hoodies have a subtle high chest print with he/him, she/her, or they/them printed on them. These are the perfect way to reinforce or introduce pronouns organically, as well as to draw respect for your gender presentation/identity.

The he/him shirt features the symbol for male (a circle with an arrow off to the right), the she/her shirt has the female symbol (a circle with a cross below it), and the they/them shirt has the gender symbol for nonbinary (a symbol with a circle and x above it -- the creator of that symbol chose the x because of it's prominence in nonbinary identities such as FTX).

These shirts are unisex and very cozy. This color is sometimes on backorder through our supplier in specific sizes, so that might lead to longer processing times. Color may vary between darker mauve and lighter pink in these hoodies based on availability to alleviate long waits.

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