Style Saturday: Winter Looks and Where to Buy Them

This Style Saturday, we wanted to piece together (via Photoshop*) some nice trendy Fall/Winter looks that incorporate FLAVNT Streetwear items along with some simple accessorizing to take your style to the next level. Knowing how to put together an outfit is something that takes time and effort, as well as a natural eye for cohesion, color, and style. Some people struggle just finding clothes that fit/match, let alone something that looks absolutely great -- so we're here to help! 

Shopping can be daunting, especially for a lot of us who are gender nonconforming or who have to shop "on the wrong side" of stores. Shopping online can be very helpful with alleviating that social pressure as well as with being able to shop around for the lowest prices and best deals, but sometimes it's tough knowing where to start. We've put together 15 looks that can be worn by anyone -- they're cozy, comfortable, and affordable. We also went to the trouble of sourcing links to buy the items in each look for as cheap as possible, trying to make each of these looks as accessible and approachable as possible. *Do keep in mind that shoes, jeans, and outerwear like jackets can get pricey, but high quality pieces can last a lifetime in your wardrobe and be utilized in a multitude of ways* So check them out and maybe draw some inspiration for your Fall/Winter looks this season!

You might've noticed some of the same stores popping up throughout these looks -- some of our favorite places to pick up outfits are:

  • ASOS (They also have a Men's Plus Sized Collection, which is amazing)
  • American Eagle (Our favorite place to get high quality, excellent fitting jeans)
  • Forever 21 (Always cheap so you can get a variety of pieces at a time)
  • H&M (Cheap and trendy, great for basics)
  • Target (Our Kryptonite)
  • FLAVNT Streetwear (Shopping small and supporting entrepreneurs is always important)
  • Amazon (Amazon Prime=savings on shipping)

Tag us on instagram using the hashtag #flavntstreetwear if you put together any outfits inspired by these looks. Thanks for checking out the FLAVNT blog!




*All credit goes to the original owners, brands, photographers, etc. These images were altered and borrowed with the intent of educating and inspiring readers.

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