On Fridays (we know it's Saturday, shh) we want to update y'all on what FLAVNT has been up to all week/what's on the agenda for the coming week. This week was pretty low key for us, we are preparing to launch our kickstarter for our Bareskin Top mid next week. Everything is written and ready and approved through kickstarter, we're just waiting to launch because we want to push off the ending date due to tax purposes. (Receiving a large amount of donations during the last week of the year isn't a very smart business move according to our accountant) So please be on the lookout for that and try and support our Bareskin Top idea however you can!

We also did a 24 hour sale for Tyler this week because we're into the final month of fundraising for his bottom surgery. We've raised $1,338 total so far for Tyler from August until November 13. During the sale alone, y'all donated $70 to Tyler in 24 hours which is pretty amazing! We have (at least) one last huge sale planned for Black Friday to get us through this home stretch, so let's see how much more we can raise for Tyler's bottom surgery.

We can't wait for next week, shit is about to get crazy!