Oak Bareskin

Oak Bareskin


Color 3 - Oak 

Our Bareskin Binder was born from the need for a binder that made the wearer feel more comfortable and confident. At the time, a binder like this had never been seen -- an inclusive nude binder for a range of skin tones, as well as a binder created with water friendliness in mind, along with a more comfortable fit.

Our Bareskin Binder is made from a 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex outer skin-colored layer with a 100% cotton non-stretch inner liner for compression and fast drying. The front features a slight v-neck to hide the binder under lower necklines, along with thinner straps for tank-top wearers, and a banded bottom hem to prevent rolling up. We also created the first racer-back binder to help the wearer feel less constricted and more comfortable (as well as exposing more of your skin to a tan in the summer time).

If you're stuck between sizes/colors, please check out our "Need Help" page where we have comparisons of different models in the tops as well as our size chart, which can also be found on this listing. If you need even more help, feel free to shoot us an email at flavnt.streetwear@gmail.com and we can try and make sure that you find the right fit for you! (Our binders are very true to size in respect to other binders on the market, so starting at your usual binder size is a good place to start!)

A little about pricing: Our pricing was chosen very carefully to keep our product competitive while also allowing us to support the people we have through the process. Our tops were manufactured domestically (and locally, supporting a local Texas small business) by an all-female team and a female/minority owned business. We also sourced high quality and durable materials that are meant to last. Not to mention that 15% of each purchase (roughly $5 from each binder) is donated to our fundraising partner!

Be sure to check out our "Models" page to meet our models!

*Bind at your own risk, you know your body best. We cannot recommend performing strenuous activity while binding and are not responsible for any injuries incurred while wearing our binder*

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