You can find Spencer on instagram, tumblr, and snapchat @justjewit32 as well as on youtube on FTMtranstastic and their own channel.

Spencer has been a longtime rep for FLAVNT (for almost 2 years now) and they've applied to work with us 3 times now. We wanted to partner with Spencer around this time last year, but Spencer was diagnosed with cancer and we had to wait until they had the go-ahead of a clean bill of health before they could schedule/receive top surgery. The stars have finally aligned and we are so humbled and honored to be able to help out our dear friend and an amazing member of this community finally be able to get top surgery. Spencer is 24-years-old, they identify as non-binary (FTX) and use they/them pronouns, and they are looking to get double incision top surgery from Dr. Raphael in May of 2017. As always, all you need to do is shop at flavnt.com and 15% of your purchase will go towards Spencer's top surgery fundraiser. We are beyond excited for this fundraiser and hope to make #SupportSpencer our most successful partnership to date!



#SUPPORTCHRIS is over! In 4 months, we raised $2,744 through your purchases at FLAVNT (FLAVNT helped Chris save for over 2 years before his fundraiser, but these donations were 100% designated to Chris). Chris received his top surgery on January 4th and he's healing wonderfully! Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign with Chris, we can't wait to get on to the next one!

After finishing our latest fundraiser, we have helped 6 individuals raise money and successfully fund their gender-confirming surgeries. Totaling in $14,244 raised in the last 2 years for those 6 people. Chris (who is half of the 2-person FLAVNT team), helped 5 other people raise money and get surgery before we decided it was his turn. If you don't know who Chris is, he can be found on instagram, tumblr, and youtube under the username @seethestarsablaze -- he regularly gives out advice and makes youtube videos documenting his transition and to aid the trans community. Chris is a 24 and a graphic designer who runs not only FLAVNT but also our sister brand Let Live Apparel.

Chris had Double Incision top surgery with Dr. Raphael in Plano, TX on January 4th, 2017 after meeting his $6000 fundraising goal. 

Thank you so much for your continued support of our brand and of two young queer entrepreneurs. Let's make our seventh partnership the best one yet!


From March 1 until July 9, 2016 we were partnered with our fifth fundraising partner, Jett! Jett was among 46 outstanding applicants this go around and stood out to us because of his charisma, optimistic personality, and activity within the community through social media. Jett has supported FLAVNT and our previous partnership with Aiden. Due to a lack of funds, he was unable to get top surgery last year on his scheduled surgery date and therefore lost his deposit and surgery was pushed off even further. In the 4 months we were partnered together, we helped Jett (through your support) raise a whopping $2,250! Jett's top surgery is scheduled for July 12, 2016. He can be found on instagram @littleprince_cafc, tumblr @theprinceofallprinces and on his youtube channel!


After finishing up our most recent partnership with Tyler, we were contacted by Aiden who applied to work with us when we started our partnership with Caden last February. Aiden was supposed to be getting top surgery in August of 2016, but due to being accepted to a very prestigious year long mission trip program, he is having to move his surgery date up to February of this year. We succesfully raised $845 for Aiden in 5 weeks through the help and support of the community!

We agreed to work with him in a sort of "crash fundraiser" to help aid him and try and raise as much money for him as possible in about 30 days. We knew that raising the full amount for his top surgery would not be possible but we aimed to raise as much as possible to offset the remainder of his surgery costs that Aiden is covering through Care Credit. Aiden has been involved in the community since his days back at Texas State University (which also happens to be our Alma Mater, Eat 'em Up Cats!) where he founded the Transcend program and he is also involved with the documentary series I am the T as a videographer and editor. He is also very active in the church and in missionary work and is a great resource for members in the LGBTQ community in regards to faith while being queer. You can find Aiden on tumblr and instagram under the username "aidnate". He received his top surgery with Dr. Raphael in February of 2016!


Our third partner, Tyler, received his phalloplasty on December 9, 2015. He can be found on instagram and tumblr under the username @tyince and on youtube @tylerjvine. Tyler had surgery with Dr. Chen in California. In 3.5 months we helped to raise $1600 for Tyler through our fundraising partnership. 


FLAVNT Streetwear was partnered up with a young trans guy named Caden who lives in San Francisco from February-July 2016. Caden was picked out of 30+ applicants because of his awesome personality, general positivity, and hard work ethic. He runs a small tennis shop for his parents so that they can parent his younger sister and watch her grow up, he also teaches tennis lessons in his spare time. Caden had his top surgery in August 2015 and reached his $5,000 goal at the beginning of July (a little over $1,600 with FLAVNT!)

Our previous partner, Caden. Check him out on tumblr and instagram @nowwearefreeforever.