For our first promotional photoshoot we did an open casting call within the local Queer community here in Central Texas and the response was overwhelming! The size of the group grew to 15 models and even though it was a stressful undertaking, we wanted to include as many people as possible to showcase not only the diversity of the community but also the wide array of body types/colors that our top accommodates. We took the time to have each volunteer fill out a questionnaire and take a portrait so we could have y'all meet each of our amazing models! Shoutout to Heather Burrell for the great photography!

Leo is a trans guy from the Austin area, he uses he/him pronouns, and you can find him on instagram @trans_nificent

Testimonial: When Leo first tried the Bareskin on the first thing he said was "Where did my nipples go?? How did y'all hide the nipples?" He spent the rest of the photoshoot inquiring about the manufacturing process and how we created a binder that he wasn't hyper-aware he was wearing.

Spencer made the drive all the way from East Texas to be a part of our photoshoot, he is trans and uses he/him pronouns. You can find him on instagram @http.swizzle 

Testimonial:  "Honestly, it's the most comfortable binder I own. I actually forget I have this binder on."

Hayden is queer and uses he/him or they/them pronouns,  you can find them @haydenaspen_is_me on instagram!

Testimonial: Hayden liked the Bareskin Binder so much that they bought one on the spot.

Alex identifies as non-binary and queer, doesn't have a pronoun preference, and can be found on instagram @chex_quest 

August is trans and genderfluid, he uses he/him pronouns and had this to say about the Bareskin Binder:

Testimonial: "Okay, non conformie babies, this Bareskin Binder is like wearing an affirmation of soft clouds around your chest. And you can swim in it!!!!!! Yes, your dreams come true. And proceeds go to Chris' top surgery. Do it. No regrets."

Vic is a queer lesbian who uses she/her pronouns, she is having top surgery on November 10 in San Antonio, TX, and can be found on instagram @vicstanley and tumblr @higherthancloudnine

Testimonial: "I have a 36H sized chest, and it doesn't spill out of the bottom like most other binders! Time to break out all the muscle tanks!"

Earnie is a lesbian who played basketball at UT and internationally, she uses she/her pronouns and coaches basketball in Austin. You can find her on instagram @earniewilliams

CJ is a trans guy who uses he/him pronouns and can be found on social media @CJkeny0n

Testimonial: "Best company in the world and the most comfortable binder in the world!! It's like you're wearing nothing -- I can't wait to wear it every day."

Oliver uses they/them pronouns and identifies as nonbinary. You can find them on tumblr @ollieox

Lou identifies as nonbinary and is a badass who does roller derby here in Austin. They use they/them pronouns and can be found on instagram @weezard.wee

Ren is nonbinary and is from our hometown of San Antonio! They use both he/him and they/them pronouns.

Randi is a lesbian and an avid softball player here in Austin, which is probably why she looks so good in our Switch Hitter baseball tee! She uses she/her pronouns.

Kit is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, they made the trip all the way from Dallas with Oliver for the photoshoot. You can find them on instagram @catnanas

Parker is trans and uses he/him pronouns, you can find him on instagram @princeparkeralexander

Testimonial: "I don't feel like I'm suffocating when I wear this binder."

Kenny is our favorite model who we can never get pictures of because they're always laughing and having way too good of a time for the camera to keep up. Kenny is trans and uses they/them pronouns, you can find them on instagram @kendalleatsfood and tumblr @kickflipthetacostand