Here at FLAVNT we are all about giving back to the community and helping out wherever we can. So far we have helped (through y’all’s support) 4 guys (as of February 11, 2016!) get gender confirming surgery. We have raised $4945 in total and helped finance 3 top surgeries and one phalloplasty. We hope to continue to grow and be able to help even more people even faster. 

How it works is we give a portion of our profits to a fundraising partner who we select through an application process -- the application can be found above and on We work alongside our partner and help them to spread the word about their fundraiser and our cause and enable them to get the community behind them. 

Gender confirming surgeries are not only necessary for some, but they are expensive and sometimes unattainable. Many people don’t understand the hardship of having to literally pay to feel comfortable in their bodies -- but many members of the LGBTQ+ community do and want to help. We are a brand that is run by a trans man who knows this pain first hand and by a lesbian who has grown up and had to watch her brother deal with dysphoria every day, so these partnerships are more than business to us. 

Please apply by answering the questions on the application below via email to if you need help and please refer any friends, family, and followers who you think would be a good fit to work with us.