In October of 2014, FLAVNT partnered up with Andrew (@scumbug from instagram and to help him fundraise and meet his top surgery goals. By donating 15% of sales to Andrew's cause, FLAVNT donated a total of $1,000 in 3 months, helping Andrew to meet his funding goal and setting him up for top surgery this coming March. 

Here at FLAVNT Streetwear, we began our company with the goal of helping the LGBTQ community—we want to give back to our own and help out a group of people who is often left out or altogether unwanted in other brands. FLAVNT is all about promoting self-confidence and self-love, so we saw an opportunity to help impact individual lives and promote these ideals by partnering up with individuals in fundraisers for identity confirming surgeries. 

We are currently going through our application for another fundraising candidate but plan to keep these fundraisers going as long as we have people in need.